What is the purpose of a Christian funeral service?

The Christian funeral service is a service of worship. The service is about the hope believers have in Christ and the proclamation of the Christian hope of resurrection, which serves as a comfort to those left behind. It is also a moment when family, friends, and the community reflect on the life and legacy of the deceased.

End of Life Care

Having to bear the brunt of losing a family member is an inevitable reality that should never be met alone. Here at Union Baptist Church, we believe it is our sacred responsibility as your spiritual family to comfort and provide congregational care to you during your moment of loss. Our UBC staff will come alongside you during this season of bereavement and offer you support, prayer, and encouragement—as our solemn pastoral duty.

COVID-19 End of Life

Due to the unprecedented arrival of the novel virus, COVID-19, and the severe implications of this virus on our church, city, state, and nation, we have made adjustments to our funeral services to ensure the health of all. For the time being, Union Baptist Church has suspended all funeral services on the campus of the church to prevent the spread of the virus. While services are suspended, we will continue to provide end-of-life care to all UBC disciples.

End of Life Care Steps:

  1. Reach out to your desired funeral home provider.
  2. Reach out to the church through the UBC EOLC Notification, after you have selected the funeral home.

Inform family members and friends of the deceased.