Sunday, January 20, 2019

Youth Ministries

Youth Missionary Ministry

Youth Missionary Ministry - Contact: Lena Reavis - 919-596-3797

This ministry's purpose is to enlist and train children and youth to live Christian lives, to study the Bible, to engage in missionary work and to share their faith in Christ. The Young Adult Missionary circle undertakes community projects and participates in the Durham Missionary Union.

Youth Church

Youth Church Contact: Interim Minister Ezekiel Taylor

This worship experience is designed to help youth develop and understand the inward and outward dimensions of the Christian life through age appropriate teaching/preaching & activities Services are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sundays at 11:15 a.m.

Sisters of Promise

Sisters of Promise: Contact: Kendra Evans - 919-220-398

A ministry designed for young ladies, ages 14-18, this group provides a forum for young ladies to address issues shaping their journey toward responsible Christian womanhood.


JUMP Contact: 

Stands for Jesus Understands My Purpose and is a mentoring program for young girls 10-12.  Through creative programming, instruction and group activities the girls are inspired to pursue their goals, develop skills toward womanhood and be anchored in the Christian faith.

Instruments of Praise Ministry

Instruments of Praise Ministry Contact: Pamela Pegan - 919-544-4815

Praises God through liturgical dance Our youth enrich worship at UBC and in the community through the beauty and movement of their inspirational performances.  Ages 6-17.

Boy Scouts - UBC Troop 411

Boy Scouts: Contact: Stancil Clark - 919-452-5249

Is an organization that provides young boys an opportunity to learn community and civic values and principles as they acquire life skills, build self-esteem and grow towards responsible men.  We have troops for various age ranges:  the Weblows, Cub scouts and Boy scouts.