Sunday, January 20, 2019

Health Ministries


Contact: Janet Morton, Parish Nurse

Is an upbeat, rhythmic cardio enhancing exercise class using upbeat music. It is offered each Monday evening in Global Scholars Academy gym. At UBC we encourage you to take care of your spiritual and physical health.



Our TOPS weight loss support group started June 29, 2011 and meets each Wednesday at 6 pm after weigh-ins. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensiibly) is an international nonprofit weight loss support and wellness education organization with 10,000 chapters worldwide. We are so pleased to be part of this effort to healthfully lose weight and keep it off. TOPS members collectively lost 436 tons last year and we look forward to adding a considerable contribution to that total in the coming year. We welcome visiitors and hope you will join us.

Parish Nurse Ministry

Parish Nurse Ministry - Contact: Janet Morton

At UBC, we believe Christian stewardship is not limited to how we handle our financial resources or our time; it also includes the care of our bodies. The scriptures tell us our bodies "are the temple of the Holy Spirit"; thus, we believe we have a mandate to have healthy bodies. The Parish Nurse Ministry takes a proactive role in educating our church family on diet, diseases, prevention and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to help everyone take care of their bodies so they can be of maximum service to the Lord. This ministry is led by our Parish Nurse, Janet Morton who also provides individual consults, visitations, establishes support groups and serves as liasions to other community health resources.

Crunch Time Fitness

Crunch Time Fitness - Contact: Janet Morton, Parish Nurse

Is an intensive cardio and strength workout to help you shed pounds and get to optimum health. You will build muscle using your own body strength. The class meets on Friday evenings in the Fellowship Hall. This is an opportunity to take care of your body and your spirit.