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Monday, December 17, 2018

Evangelist Evelyn Holt-Fuller was born in Mebane, NC and relocated to Durham, NC in 1992 and is a licensed Evangelist and Pastoral Evangelist under United Holy Church of America, Inc.  She holds a Bachelor’s in English and a Master’s in Education from NC Central University and received a Certification in teaching from Duke University and a Certification to teach those with Learning Disabilities from the University of NC.  She is a retired Duke University and Durham Public Schools employee.  Evangelist Holt-Fuller has authored three books: Don't Mind If I Do:  Classroom Warm-up Exercises to Sharpen the Mind, Wisdom and Truth: National Poet's Anthology and To My Brown Babies: A Great-Grandmother's Letter to African-American Girls and Their Friends.

Evangelist Holt-Fuller serves at Union Baptist Church on the ACE Tutoring team and is a Bible Class teacher for the Youth.  In the Community, Evangelist Holt-Fuller provides Adult Tutoring for adults in post-secondary education to include, letter and resume writing.  She is also an intermittent caregiver to adults with physical and/or mental limitations and in her spare time, she enjoys woodworking and gardening.